Why did I stop taking feedback or critique from ANYONE for my personal projects?

And I found a better way to ask.. Keep reading.

When I ask people for feedback, they weirdly go in a ‘problem finding’ mode. I generally have zero respect for people’s opinions. The purest form of feedback for me is people’s reaction to my work. Not their opinion. They can love it, hate it or be bored by it. That’s good feedback.

When you ask for feedback, people feel obliged to give you one. Even if they have no idea what they are talking about.

Creators generally ask for feedback so they can improve their work, but quite often it either ends up confusing or discouraging the creator. Creativity is a vulnerable place to be.

Here is a better way to ask. What I rather started doing is ask for ideas & suggestions. Worked like magic.

It forced people to think deeper and not just blabber opinions reactively. Plus you will start understanding who has some good quality suggestions and who doesn’t. Good way to filter out people whose opinions don’t matter.

Just wanted to share since I get asked a lot by creator friends to give feedback about their work. There’s always a better way.

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