Wanna grab attention? Break patterns or leverage them.

That’s how you grab people’s attention.

You break the mental patterns that are detrimental & you leverage existing patterns that might be beneficial to your marketing objective.

And how do you do that?

Patterns are formed through their habits.

Understand their habits.

Habits come from who they believe they are. Their identity.

Understand their identity.

Now reverse engineer. Understand who they believe they are. If the idea about who they believe they are is conflicting with what you are offering, no amount of selling will help.

That’s why brands like Apple & Nike pour millions of dollars to shape what their customers should feel like when they buy their product. Or rather what kind of customers should buy their product.

This is easy to do for passionate creators & entrepreneurs who obsessively care about their customers.

How to break patterns or leverage them?

Ask yourself,

1. Who do they believe they are? What is their internal self talk? (1. I’m only a manager hired to do what I’m asked. Or 2. I’m building up reputation for myself in this industry.)

2. What are tendencies of such people? (1. Complacent, satisfied with the way things are. Or 2. Ambitious, growth mindset)

3. What are their habits? (1. Does what is asked from him. Focuses on efforts rather than results. Or 2. Thinks, how can I do my job better? What other skills should I develop? Focuses on results rather than efforts.)

4. What are the patterns/outcomes they create as a result of those habits? (1. Keeps job hopping. Or 2. Keeps getting new opportunities. Networks with people. Creates content.)

Then talk about your offer from their perspective.

Would love to know how this works for you.


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