How we reduced the CPC by 3x & increased quality leads for a real estate company

(Wonderwall by Realty7 builders is a residential apartment project in Balewadi, Pune)


Realty7 wanted to generate apartment bookings for its “Wonderwall” (2BHK flats) Project by focusing on digital marketing rather than other ways of marketing. Their current source of lead generation was through billboards, flyers, brochures and salespeople. Aim was to reduce the overall marketing cost by opting for Digital Marketing services.

The Strategy

These are the steps we followed,

  • Defined the persona :
  1. Newly married or engaged people who live in Balewadi
  2. People who are investors in real estate
  3. IT professionals who worked in IT parks in Balewadi & Hinjewadi
  4. People interested in real estate listing websites
  • Designed funnel :

Step 1. Persona clicks our ad

Step 2. Visits landing page

Step 3. : (i)If persona “fills out form” then lead is generated.

(ii) If persona “doesn’t fill form” then retarget the persona on Google Display Network, Facebook and Instagram through value posts.

Step 4. Persona clicks the re-targeted ad and visits another conversion optimized landing page

Step 5. Fills out the form.

  • Created value posts (Blogs) for persona types
  • Developed an optimised landing page
  • Designed ad copies
  • Launched hyper-targeted geo-fenced google PPC & display campaigns around the real estate property
  • Launched remarketing campaigns on facebook and linkedin

Search & Display Ads

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Good quality, value adding posts at top of the funnel reduced cost per click by 3x :

Giving value to personas through blog posts filtered unnecessary crowd and targeted our messaging to the right people.

Value posts consisted of,

  1. Blogs stating value of living in Balewadi like its proximity to important places
  2. Blogs which raised topics relating to investing in Balewadi which engaged investors

The Results

We increased the number of quality leads and reduced CPC by 3x