Create better content on LinkedIn or any social media platform

1. Forget talking about your achievements, talk value

2. Use more “you, your, you’re”, instead of ‘I, me, my, we”. See the difference in the ideas you start getting for creating content.

3. What is value? Something that you would charge for but you choose to give it for free.

4. Most of people won’t take action with your free value. It’s either because your message needs more clarity or they’re just lazy.

5. Those who take action deserve the free value you provide.

6. And the few who understand your value, understand the value of their own time. Will hire you. These are the kind of people you want to serve.

7. If you believe it is difficult to create value content. Or you can’t create it, think again.

8. If someone has ever paid you to do something, it means you have a thing or two to say. Just talk/write about it. And you better remember point 2.

9. There’s a big gap on LinkedIn for grabbing attention of the right people. Do the opposite of what the 99% people are doing.

10. That’s the principle of ‘contrast’ at work. Understand fundamental principles like these and apply them.

11. Everything that works are simply classic timeless principles packaged with a new angles. Make your fundamentals strong and you won’t have FOMO anymore.

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