At Qathaa, we explore and practice

the art and science of Behavioral Design

It's all about triggering the right actions!

Behavioral Design is about understanding what drives your customers to take a desired action. And then design your business to motivate your customers to take those actions.

Services Crafted For You

Experience Design

Digital Marketing

Content Design

Data Analytics

Our Products

Small Hacks Big Bucks | Message Design
Volume 1 & 2

Design powerful messaging with this brainstorming deck. Based on advanced psychological research done by experts around the world. Used by successful founders & creators to design messaging that reach the minds and hearts of millions.

Our Shows

The Tribe Builders Show

A show that goes behind the scenes on how entrepreneurs, celebrities & creators build passionate communities and build profitable brands.

What Problems Can
Behavioral Design Solve For You?

Are you finding it difficult to effectively present and market your message?


Do you want your customers to be more engaged with your idea or product?


Do you want to increase your customer's lifetime value?


Are your customers motivated enough to become your growth engine?

Are you trying to efficiently spend your ad money to get lower Cost Per Result as compared to industry standard?